Why Does My Dog Eat Grass? Dog lovers and owners will have different opinions on why dogs sometimes eat grass but many of the more common explanations you hear aren’t necessarily the correct ones. Here we discuss the top four theories your dog might be eating grass and consider the legitimacy of each one.
  1. Dogs eat grass when they are feeling sick to make themselves vomit: This is one of the more common theories but there isn’t actually much evidence to support it. Evidence suggests that most dogs will not vomit after eating grass and even fewer dogs are actually sick before they eat grass in the first place.
  1. Boredom: Sometimes dogs may be eating the grass in the backyard just to pass the time. This theory may apply especially to dogs who aren’t getting walked or played with enough so fixing that may be the first step in preventing your dog from chewing up your garden. Another solution may be to provide some fun chew toys or treats.
  1. Nutritional deficiency in the diet: Dogs are natural scavengers whose instincts may be pushing them to eat the grass in order to obtain nutrients not otherwise in the diet. The most likely missing nutrient is fibre. Supporters of this theory have found that when they switched to a more high fibre diet, their dogs ate less grass.
  1. It’s not strange or unnatural: Dogs eating grass is much more common than most people think. While it may not be their first choice meal, studies have shown that the vast majority of dogs who have access to grass will occasionally eat it. It is considered fairly normal dog behaviour and may not be a sign of anything sinister or strange.
At the end of the day, the truth of the matter is the experts aren’t 100% sure what causes dogs to eat grass. Maybe they just like the taste and texture! Although eating grass isn’t considered harmful to dogs the majority of the time, you should always be careful to consider what plants you have and the effect of any pesticides or other products in the garden which may be toxic for your dog.


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