Why scratchers are so important for your cat Cats don’t just love to scratch, they need to scratch. You may be wondering why you can’t stop your cat destroying your furniture and your frustration might be driving you crazy! The first thing you need to know is you can’t train your cat to stop doing something that is a normal and essential part of being a feline. There are many physical and psychological reasons your cat needs to scratch. Getting the right cat scratcher and putting it in the right spot in your house will save your furniture and give you a healthier and happier cat. Here are the top 5 reasons why scratchers are so important for your cat.
  1. Scratching serves as a marking behaviour for cats. The marks left on an object when the cat scratches it create a visual sign for others who pass by. A mark is also left by way of scent glands in the paw pads.
  1. Scratching is an important emotional release for your cat. When your cat is anxious, happy, excited or frustrated, he/she can release some of that built-up emotion by scratching. The emotional release through scratching can be a therapeutic experience and is healthy for your cat.
  1. Scratching is great exercise. Obesity can be a serious health issue for cats. Keeping them moving with an enjoyable cat scratcher is a fun and efficient way of keeping your cat healthy.
  1. Scratching is the best way to keep your cat's nails healthy. Cats instinctively scratch to sharpen their claws and they do it even more if their claws grow long. A scratching post gives the cat the opportunity scratch when there is no other suitable surface to do so.
  1. A good scratching session stretches your cat’s body which gives it a satisfying and pleasant emotional and physical feeling similar to a person doing yoga.
Even a great scratching post will just gather dust if you don’t put it in the right place. When a cat needs to scratch, the cat will look for the closest object that meets its needs. Keep the post where your cat likes to spend most of its time. Keeping your cat focused on the scratcher you provide reduces the risk of your cat scratching something else – like your furniture! The SmartCat Combination Scratcher is one of the best-selling scratchers around and is a great choice if you’re looking for a new scratcher.


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