Inca Pestene Powder 500g

Inca Pestene Powder 500g

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Inca pestene powder is a 100% effective and safe pest controller that helps in controlling mites and lice dogs, cats, fowls, calves, horses and goats. You also don't have to worry about the withholding period for egg consumption because the product is perfectly appropriate for treating laying chickens. Get your pet Inca Pestene Powder 500g and protect them from the unwanted pests that may attack and harm their skin and furs. The key features of Inca Pestene Powder include:

  • Pestene insect powder is suitable for control of lice, mites and fleas on dogs, cats, fowls, calves, horses and goats.
  • It contains all the essential elements required for removing the pest from harming the animal’s skin.
  • It can be applied to animals, bedding and environment on the weekly basis.
  • The product has a withholding period of 1 day.
  • Available in a pack containing 500gm of Inca pestene powder.
  • Does not cause rashes or itching like many other competitive products.

Ingredients: Sulfur 50 g/kg. Rotenone 10 g/kg.

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