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Dog Grooming & Clean Up


Grooming doesn’t have to be chore! With the right grooming supplies, dog grooming can be an easy and rewarding time. Beside the obvious benefits of keeping your dog clean and healthy, there are 2 important benefits of putting in the time to groom your dog. Firstly, leading research has shown that grooming helps build the bond between you and your dog – especially when they are puppies. Secondly, there’s a much better chance of you identifying any health issues or injuries on your dog such as fleas, cuts, and skin irritations.

Another important and practical need for dog grooming is to help with hair shedding. If your dog is a natural hair shedder, here are some tips on quick wins you can get straight away:

  • Brush your dog with the brush best suited to your dog’s hair type. I know it’s boring and you were hoping for an easier fix but this really is the best solution. There are lots of brushes to choose from in the vast selection of grooming products for pets so take the time to read the descriptions of each and pick the one best for your dog’s hair type! Gripsoft, Furminator, and Kong are all tried and tested brands and come highly recommended. Read the descriptions of each to make sure you pick the right dog brush for you!
  • Bathe your dog. Easier for some dog owners than others depending on how much your dog loves bath time, a good wash with aloveen shampoo and conditioner will leave your dog with a healthier coat and can significantly decrease shedding.
  • Reduce scratching and itching. The more dogs scratch, the more they shed. Use the right flea treatments to reduce shedding and make sure your dog isn’t becoming a breeding ground of fleas and other parasites.

For those that want to take grooming that little bit further, we also stock the highest quality dog clippers and scissors. For those that want the best, the Wahl cordless clippers are a professional set of clippers designed for dogs and cats of all hair types.

Grooming isn’t just limited to hair control. Many dog breeds grow long nails which can be uncomfortable for them and dangerous for your family. Trimming dog nails is a difficult task and can be quite painful for your dog if not done properly. Our latest safety nail clippers from Rufus & Coco have made this once daunting task much easier.