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Dental Treats for Dogs

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Many dogs develop issues with their teeth in their life. The easiest and most efficient way of avoiding these issues is by providing your dog with specially designed dog dental treats.

Dental treats prevent the build-up of tarter on your dog’s teeth and help to scrub away plaque. This helps minimise the chance of issues with their teeth such as tooth decay.

Greenies is a leading brand in producing the best dental chews around. The best selling dental treats are the Greenies Dental Chews Treat Packs. These come in 4 sizes to suit different sized dogs.

Greenies Dental Chews Treat Pack Teenie: Dogs from 2-7kg.
Greenies Dental Chews Treat Pack Petite: Dogs from 7-11kg.
Greenies Dental Chews Treat Pack Regular: Dogs from 11-22kg.
Greenies Dental Chews Treat Pack Large: Dogs from 22-45kg.

All our treats are available for delivery straight to your door at guaranteed lowest prices!