Aristopet Bird Wormer Plus Syrup

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Size: 50ml

Aristopet Bird Wormer Plus Syrup is a safe and reliable bird wormer formulation which controls and eliminates threadworm, caecal worm, gape worm, gizzard worm, tape worm, and roundworm in caged birds. This effective solution can be easily added to your bird’s regular drinking water for stress-free administration and begins to work immediately to eliminate gastrointestinal worms common to ornamental birds. The key features of Aristopet Bird Wormer Plus Syrup are:
  • Highly-effective and reliable deworming syrup to treat common worm infections in caged birds.
  • Suitable for ornamental birds including parrots, canaries, and finches.
  • For use in the treatment of gizzard, thread, tape, round, gape, and caecal worm.
  • Easy to administer by simply dissolving in your pet’s drinking water.
  • Safe-to-use as directed and in recommended dose.
  • Can be used every 14 days to prevent reinfection.
  • Available in size of 50ml or 125ml bottles.

Aristopet is a trusted brand providing a range of veterinarian-approved health care products to keep your pet fit and healthy. They offer a selection of premium products for a variety of pets including dogs, cats and birds.

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