Blue Planet Aquarium Tonic Salt 300g

Blue Planet Aquarium Tonic Salt 300g

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Blue Planet Aquarium Tonic Salt 300g is a natural remedy to improve the health and wellbeing of tank-based fish. This aquarium salt derived obtained from sea water adds essential electrolytes to water and provides saltwater species with a necessary nutrients and minerals including sodium and calcium to help support aquatic life with great, everyday health. The key features of the Blue Planet Aquarium Tonic Salt 300g are:

  • Aquarium salt evaporated from natural sea water.
  • Provides more electrolytes than standard table salt.
  • Boosts the number of electrolytes in water including sodium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride.
  • Helps to support natural bodily functions in fish including osmoregulation and gill function.
  • Replaces electrolytes lost due to illness.
  • Can be used to hatch brine shrimp eggs.
  • Can be used for recharging resins including Purigen and Zeolite.
  • 300g bottle.

Blue Planet products are distributed by Masterpet, a company with over 50 years of experience. Created on the belief that life is just better with a pet, they strive to develop specific products for the specific needs of pet owners. Their products are always known for their quality and reliability.

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