Charlies Durable Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate

Designer: Charlies

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Color: White

Size: 3 Panel

The great thing about Charlie’s free-standing pet gate is that it can be used anywhere. No need to bolt and jam it between doors, our pet gate can be set up anywhere to barricade your pets. Some of the key features of Charlies Durable Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate are:

  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Designed to not damage doors and walls.
  • No need to bolt and jam it between doors.
  • An anti-rust metal hinge for smooth folding.
  • The gate can be extended to use as a room divider.
  • 100% MDF surface is suitable for painting and cleaning.
  • Cutting-edge accordion design means it is simple to set up and store.
  • Comes with just two support feet and no drilling required, rest assured this gate.
  • Suitable for use in doorways, entryways, halls, bedrooms, staircases, laundry rooms, backyards, and so on.
  • Available colours: White, and Brown.
  • Available sizes: 3 panels, 4 panels.

Sizes measurements:

  • 3 panel - 153cm x 1.8cm x 61cm.
  • 4 panel - 204cm x 1.8cm x 61cm.

Please note: Charlie's products are shipped separately from the Auburn warehouse to ensure the speediest delivery and may result in customers receiving items in separate packages.

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Customer Reviews

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Caroline S.
Charlie Gate

Beautiful sturdy dog gate on feet. Sadly its not working for my little 3 kg dog she pushes past it however the swiss shepherd just stands there hoping it will move out of the way. Regardless its a great option if you dont want marks on your walls from the standard dog gate.