Ferplast Litter Tray Mika

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The Ferplast Litter Tray Mika is a cat litter box designed to easily fit into the corner of any room in your house. This large litter tray made from sturdy plastic helps to minimise mess and unpleasant odours around the home with its hooded cover and charcoal filters to help contain and limit bad smells from spreading. It also includes a deep base and plastic swing door to prevent used cat litter spilling from the tray. The key features of the Ferplast Litter Tray Mika are:
  • Dimensions: 57.5 x 51.5 x 42cm.
  • Unique shape designed specifically to fit into the corner of a room.
  • Easy to assemble and take apart for quick cleaning.
  • Includes side clips to fasten securely.
  • Deep base to prevent litter spillage.
  • Entry flap to allow your pet easy access.
  • Charcoal filters to prevent nasty odours from spreading around the home.
  • Made from robust plastic with handle for easy transportation.
Ferplast offers a wide range of products to provide your pet the comfort he or she deserves, as well as moments of pure well-being. Ferplast began in a small shop in Italy and became quickly known for its premium quality and practical designs. Today, it sells products across a range of pet categories all over the world. If you’re looking for a reliable clumping cat litter, check out Catsan Ultra! Want to add a bit of variety to your cat’s wardrobe? We have TippyTap Bow Tie cat collars available in blue stripe and red tartan and look very cute!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great size for my large cat. Good quality & Fast shipping.

Jody W.
Love it

I absolutely love it, it’s big enough without being to big. Good quality. Fast shipping and I was happy with the cost of the product

Kristin L.
Excellent product

The corner shaped litter box is the perfect size and easy to manage cleaning. Very happy with this quality item.