Flexi Classic Cord Retractable Cat Lead Black

Designer: Flexi

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Colour: Black

While most pet owners don’t take cats out on a walk, many find themselves having to take their cats to a particular area and don’t want to carry them all the way. In such circumstances, the Flexi Classic Cord Retractable Cat Lead Black is an ideal solution. Here’s a look at some of this product’s biggest advantages:
  • This is a retractable cord so it provides ample freedom of movement while still maintaining control. Pets can explore their environment without feeling restrained.
  • The ergonomic grip is suitable for human hands, regardless of their size so if you’re looking for something comfortable to hold on long walks, this lead is ideal.
  • There’s a two-toned, clearly distinguishable one-hand brake button that will stop the lead when needed. This provides pet owners with perfect control during walks.
  • The short-stroke braking system responds intuitively as soon as you press the button so you can pull your pet back quickly.
  • Flexi Classic Cord Retractable Cat Lead Black is made in Germany with quality and performance in mind.
  • 3m length.
  • Also available in Red and Pink.

The Flexi Classic Cord Retractable Cat Lead Black is made from durable nylon and cord material so you don’t have to worry about replacing it too quickly. The product can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear without fraying. Flexi has been the leading company when it comes to world quality retractable leashes. Millions of happy pet owners around the globe use this unique innovation from Germany, the Flexi retractable leash.

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