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Size: 70g - 5 pack

If your dog loves to chew, consider getting them a Kazoo Knot Bone. It is a fun, carefully-designed toy that can keep a pet engaged for hours. You can throw it, play tug-of-war using it, or simply let your puppy chew on the bone to their heart’s content. This bone has several interesting characteristics, including:
  • It is made from natural rawhide that is treated carefully to ensure it is safe for pets.
  • Regular chewing will help remove the build-up of plaque, tartar, and calculus from your pet’s teeth.
  • The fun shape and design makes it even more tempting for your pet.
The Kazoo Knot Bone is available in the following sizes:
  • 70g - 5 pack.
  • 120g - 4 pack.
  • 140g - 2 pack.
  • 100g - 1 pack.
  • 160g - 1 pack.
  • 240g - 1 pack.
  • 300g - 12 pack.
  • 320g - 4 pack.
  • 560g - 4 pack.
  • 350g - 5 pack.
If you’re looking for something to keep your pet engaged and happy, try our Knot Bone. It is a proven product that has kept countless puppies happy over the years! An Australian family-run operation from the beginning, Kazoo is now one of the biggest names in pet supplies including accessories for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and even reptiles. Kazoo believes in creating pet products that will excite, entice and add value to pets and pet owners everywhere. Want to add a bit of variety to your dog’s wardrobe? We have TippyTap Bow Tie dog collars available in blue stripe and red tartan and look very cute!

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