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The KONG Easy Treat Bacon Cheese Paste is a delicious and tempting treat that can be added to any Kong stuffed toy for extra exciting playtime. This highly digestible paste is safe to give to your dog and is free from unhealthy trans fats. It can be easily dispensed thanks to a carefully designed nozzle that controls the amount of paste for fuss-free and mess-free treat time. KONG Easy Treat Bacon Cheese Paste can also be used as a tasty filling inside Kong rubber toys to help extend playtime and satisfy your dog with a yummy reward. The key features of the KONG Easy Treat Bacon Cheese Paste are:
  • Healthy, trans-fat-free treat that your dog will love.
  • Can be used to fill Kong rubber toys to provide a tasty surprise.
  • 226g spray can.
  • Tempting cheese and bacon flavour.
  • The unique nozzle helps to limit the serving amounts for easy dispensing.
  • Helps to keep your dog occupied and playing with their toys for longer.

Ingredients: Milk. Water. Soybean Oil. Whey. Sodium Phosphate. Whey Protein Concentrate. Carrageenan. Salt. Sodium Citrate. Milk Protein Concentrate. Natural Flavour. Glucono-delta-lactone. Sorbic Acid (Preservative). Lactic Acid. Paprika and Annatto Extracts (Colour). Caramel Colour. Dried Lactobacillus Lactis Fermentation Product and Rennet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tanya M.
New opportunities

I usually buy through a different pet supplier, but when they ran out of the Kong Easy Treat Paste I found Pet Supplies Empire - super impressed with both the product and the new supplier option!

Sherrin C.
Strong smelling...

Strong smelling. I tried this in my German Shepherds KONG Extreme. Normally he ignores his KING Extreme, but this got him interested for about 15 minutes until he worked out he couldn't reach the flavoring. I feel he felt like it was teasing him not being able to get the flavor out. He then went back to ignoring it. German Shepherds sense of smell is 10,000~100,000 times stronger than ours so I can understand why he was obsessed with it for 15 minutes. The paste dries out in a couple of days and only soaking in warm water and a proper sized bottle brush will clean the KONG Extreme out. I rate this product 4 stars as it actually got my dogs attention for a little while when normally he does not like his KONG Extreme at all. RRP is a bit steep.

Samantha H.(.
best puppy entertainer.

My puppy loves this and it keeps him busy for hours in his Kong Classic. Its so funny he runs round with it on his tongue.

Priscilla W.
Best Kong filler ever

This is the most entertaining Kong filler ever, nothing beats the Kong filler when it comes to these pastes, I highly recommended them in all flavours, my two year old dog adores them as rewards for responding well to my requests, such as retrieving the Kong to fill it with the cream Kong spray