Molly Meow Stuff Sack Round

Designer: Molly Mutt

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The Molly Meow Stuff Sack Round is a complement to any of the Molly Meow Bed Duvets. The Molly Meow Stuff Sack Round is designed to perfectly fit into the Molly Meow Duvet. It will assist you in arranging your old clothes, rags, and lines and keeping them together when you want to take off the duvet and wash it. This makes washing the duvet much easier as all the bits and pieces you've stuffed in are kept neatly together. The stuff sacks itself is also machine washable, if you feel the need to wash it. What is the process to creating a Molly Meow Cat Bed?
  1. Choose any one of the stylish cat bed duvet covers that suit you.
  2. Get a Molly Meow Stuff Sack to go with it.
  3. Fill the Stuff Sack with old clothes, blankets, pillows, bed stuffing, or even your old cat bed!
  4. Place your Molly Meow duvet cover over the Stuff Sack.
  5. Enjoy the easiest, cheapest, and most stylish cat bed you've ever had!
The Molly Mutt brand has taken dog beds by storm and we're equally excited about bringing the same idea to cat beds! Looking for a Molly Meow duvet to pair this with? The Molly Meow Cat Bed Your Hand in Mine Duvet is a stylish accessory your cat will love!