Petkit Fresh Smart Bowl White

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Colour: White

Welcome to the future of pet feeding with the Petkit Fresh Smart Bowl White. Accurate Weighing Most pet owners are pretty imprecise when it comes to the quantities of food we give our pet each day. The result is a very inconsistent and often unhealthy diet. Combined with the PETKIT App, the amount of food to give your pet will be calculated according to your pet's profile. Your pet's profile takes into account a variety of factors including weight, age, breed, and food brand. The app will tell you how much to give and the bowl's high accuracy weighing technology will help you feed your pet the perfect amount each day. Advanced Anti-Bacteria Technology BioCleanActTM is a new anti-bacterial material from an organic family, which is covered all over the main body. It can restrain those bacteria which cause diarrhea constantly, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach and so on. Compared to silver ion (Ag+), it's safer and more efficient in terms of anti-bacterial effectiveness. The Petkit Fresh Smart Bowl White is available in a range of colours including: Are you looking for a larger Petkit Smart Bowl for a medium to large sized dog? The Petkit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl Grey is the larger version of this bowl and is available in a variety of designs! Are you interested in the latest techy products for pets? Check out our latest cat tech products here and latest dog tech products here!