Petkit Pet Massage Comb Pink

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Colour: Pink

Petkit Pet Massage Comb is the perfect tool for maintaining an everyday, general grooming routine with your cat. It is a compact comb crafted from the finest quality silicone and also features 3D curved bristles to remove loose hair and improve your pet’s blood circulation. The key features of the Pet Massage Comb are:
  • Efficiently remove loose hair: PETKIT grooming brush for cats and dogs can remove up to 90% shedding hair from your cat within few minutes.
  • Soft and skin-friendly silicone teeth: The pet massage comb is soft, even for sensitive skin. Let your cat enjoy grooming and also promote its blood circulation.
  • Pey bath massage brush: The comb gives your pet a thorough clean by bringing shampoo to the surface of your cat’s skin to nourish its fur.
  • Easy to clean: Simply rinse the brush with water.
TIPS: In order to control shedding hair, spraying a little bit of water on the comb will minimise fur from flying everywhere. Want to reward your cat after brushing with some tasty treats? Check out our range of healthy cat treats here!