Petkit Pura Air Smart Odour Eliminator Filter 2 Pieces

Designer: Petkit

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The Petkit Pura Air Smart Odour Eliminator Filter 2 Pieces from Petkit uses intelligent technology to remove odours from your home that come as a result of owning a pet. Specifically engineered with cat litter trays in mind, the Pura Air controls the odour from the source, removes it from the air and neutralises any airborne bacteria. These replacement filters contain natural compounds from 20 plants so is safe and non-toxic. Replace every 3 months to ensure the air in your home is always clean and smelling fresh. Some of the product features are:

  • For use with Petkit Pura Air Odour Eliminator (sold separately).
  • Each pack contains 2 replacement filters.
  • Effectively removes odours and inhibits bacteria.
  • Provides a refreshing plant scent.
  • Natural and non-toxic.
  • Filters to be replaced every 3 months depending on the frequency of use.

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