Petkit Retractable Lint Roller

Designer: Petkit

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Do your pet's hairs get everywhere? The Petkit Retractable Lint Roller is practical and space conscious. It is not just perfect for pet hair removal, it is also perfect for storage and replacement. The key features of the Petkit Lint Roller include:
  • Innovative retractablepPush-on handle design allows it to be easily popped-up and used.
  • Quickly and efficiently pick up mess.
  • Easy to remove pet fur, hair or lint from your clothing, furniture, couch, carpeting, bedding, pants or even your car interior.
  • Package includes: Petkit Lint Roller (with one roll paper) x 1.
  • Lint roller refills sold separately.
  • Dimensions: 22 × 12 × 8 cm.
Cats and dogs are notorious for the amount of hair and fur they leave behind, especially during their shedding periods. This can accumulate on furniture and other surfaces that you come into contact with, transferring to the material of your clothes where it then becomes extremely difficult to remove. This pet is effective at getting rid of the fur your pet leaves behind. Do you need to bring in more firepower to help you groom and control your pet's hair? Check out our full range of pet clippers here!