Profender All Wormer For Medium Cats

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Profender All Wormer For Medium Cats is the only spot-on Allwormer that kills the most important types of intestinal worm in cats. Profender All Wormer For Medium Cats is suitable for medium cats from 2.5-5kg.

Used every three months, Profender treats lungworm and protects your cat and your family from gastrointestinal worms. Profender kills all infective stages of roundworms, hookworm and tapeworm. All with one easy spot-on treatment so you don’t have to endure the trauma of tableting. And while it’s tough on worms, it’s gentle on your cat. It’s safe for kittens after 8 weeks of age and can be used during pregnancy and lactaction.

Key Benefits

  • Kills all infective stages of intestinal worms.
  • Easy-to-use.

Directions for Use

Remove one tube from blister packaging. Prepare your pet by removing any collar prior to application and replace when product is dry. Hold tube in an upright position, twist and pull off cap. Then turn the cap over and place the other end of the cap onto the top of the tube. Twist the cap to break the seal and then remove cap from tube. Part the hair on the cat’s neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze firmly several times to empty the content directly onto the skin. Apply only on intact skin.


Use of Profender spot-on for cats depends on the cat age and size, with different pack sizes including: Profender All Wormer for Cats and Kittens, Profender All Wormer For Medium Cats, and Profender All Wormer for Large Cats. For tapeworms, treat every 3 months. For roundworms and hookworms, treat at 8 and 12 weeks of age and then every 3 months. For lungworms one treatment is efficacious in the treatment of an existing lungworm infection. Do not administer to kittens under 8 weeks of age or less than 0.5 kg bodyweight.

Safety Directions

Please read leaflets for specific safety directions. Harmful if swallowed. This product will irritate eyes and it is advisable to avoid contact with eyes and eye area. If product does enter eyes, wash out immediately with water. Wash hands after use.


Dispose of used applicator by wrapping in paper and placing in garbage.

Active Ingredients

Emodepside 21.4 g/L Praziquantel 35.8 g/L Do you also need flea treatment for your cat? Frontline Plus Cat Green is highly effective at killing and preventing fleas and biting lice. Looking for some treats to encourage and reward your cat for taking his or her medication? Check out our range of Healthy Cat Treats here!

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