Puppia Legacy Harness E Red

Designer: Puppia

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Colour: Red

Harnesses are very comfortable and very versatile. It’s easy to find different colours, designs, fits, and other options. One of the most popular patterns in our store is the Puppia Legacy Harness E Red. This simple, sophisticated design is from Puppia’s new outdoor premium line and it is very premium in looks. Here’s a brief introduction to this product:
  • The new and improved chest belt and buckle position ensures this harness fits comfortably without causing any chafing.
  • The interior is lined with a soft mesh material that is breathable and flexible. It doesn’t stifle your pet and moves with his body, which makes the Puppia Legacy Harness E Red ideal for active dogs.
  • Puppia Legacy Harness E Red comes with a Puppia smart tag pendant with QR code.
  • This harness is made from artificial leather and light-weight air mesh. Your dog will be able to run around freely without becoming overheated.
  • Puppia Legacy Harness E Red fits snugly and remains secure in its place. If fitted properly, it won’t come off even if your pet tugs at the leash repeatedly.
  • This harness is made from a resilient polyester material so it is ideal for everyday use. You can maintain its appearance by washing it with gentle soap and water.
  • Also available in Grey here.
Make sure you measure your pet carefully and compare the sizes before purchase. The Puppia Legacy Harness E Red is available in the following sizes:
  • Small: 10.2" Neck, 12.6" – 14.6” Chest.
  • Medium: 12.6" Neck, 15.7" – 19.7” Chest.
  • Large: 15.7" Neck, 18.9" – 24” Chest.
  • Extra-large: 16.9" Neck, 22.8" – 31.5” Chest.
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