Puppia Soft Vest Harness Black

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Colour: Black

Walking is an essential part of a dog’s routine. Owners need to make sure their pets get good exercise and proper mental stimulation to ensure they remain healthy. Taking curious and active pets out on a walk can be risky if you don’t keep them on a leash because even the most well-trained pets can get lost or run away. Many pet owners attach their leash to a collar but they can cause injuries if the pet pulls and tugs strongly. That’s why experts recommend a harness, especially for active and enthusiastic pets. The Puppia Soft Vest Harness Black is a very popular vest designed for a variety of breeds. The key features of the Puppia Soft Vest Harness Black include:
  • The vest is made from a soft, padded polyester material and provides a comfortable fit. There’s a Velcro closure at the front and a quick-release clasp at the back, both of which are secure and won’t open accidentally.
  • This product is designed for comfort so your pets don’t feel restrained or strangled while wearing it. The flexible design moves with a dog’s body and lets them breathe freely.
  • Its air mesh padding is perfect for Australian weather and ensures you pet doesn’t feel too warm in it.
  • Soft fabric doesn’t chafe at or irritate a dog’s sensitive skin so you don’t have to deal with rashes, scrapes, or injuries.
The Puppia Soft Vest Harness Black is available in the following sizes:
  • XS: 9.5 - 10.2 inches chest girth 7.5 inches neck.
  • S: 11.8 - 12.6 inches chest girth 9.5 inches neck.
  • M: 14.6 - 15.4 inches chest girth 11 inches neck.
  • L: 16.1 - 16.9 inches chest girth 12.6 inches neck.
  • XL: 19.7 - 20.5 inches chest girth 14.2 inches neck.
The Puppia Soft Vest Harness Black is also available in Pink, Red, Sky Blue and Camo. A harness also provides a better anchor for your leash so you can control the dog without injuring him. Puppia is the world's dog fashion leader. A proven brand in the pet industry world wide. Puppia's most famed products are their harnesses which are acclaimed as the best selling harnesses in the world. Once you have used a Puppia Harness, you will never want to try anything else. Want to add a bit of variety to your dog’s wardrobe? We have TippyTap Bow Tie dog collars available in blue stripe and red tartan and look very cute! And what better way to keep your dog safe and visible at night than with a Loomo Safety Collar Light available in blue, red or green!

Customer Reviews

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Ken U.
Puppia soft vest harness

Good quality but sizing is misleading...these are way too small. Bought a large, but it's way too small for my little pug.

Puppia Harness

Excellent service. Arrived quickly - would buy again.

Puppia Soft Vest Harness Black

A very well made and designed harness. Do need to be aware of sizing. My miniature Daschund is in an extra large.

Puppia Soft Vest Harness Black

Love these harnesses! I had so much trouble finding something that fitted the unique shape of our two Dachshunds as they managed to Houdini out of them so often. These harnesses keep them snug and safe!