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Sort dated(6p-Expiry: Feb 2023). Reduced to clear. Revolution Dog Small Brown is an effective all-in-one flea and heartworm treatment medication with rapid action. The easy-to-administer dose will protect your pet for up to a month, while also preventing the development of heartworm disease, as well as treat ear mites and sarcoptic mice. Some of the key features and benefits of Revolution Dog Small Brown are:

  • Waterproof in 2 hours and won’t wash off.
  • Designed specifically for small dogs from 5.1-10kg.
  • Revolution successfully eliminates fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae in your pet's environment.
  • Administered once per month, it quickly spreads through your pet's skin, killing all external parasites and breaking the flea life cycle.
  • Revolution Dog Small Brown is safe for the treatment of puppies from 6 weeks of age as well as pregnant and lactating females.
  • Due to its unique formula, Revolution will also ensure that your pet's flea allergy dermatitis is under control from the moment of application. 
  • Available Size: 3pack and 6pack.

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