Royal Canin Adult Fit

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Size: 400g

Cats with access to the outdoors have higher energy and nutritional requirements because of the increased size of their territory and the variations in weather conditions to which they are exposed. Therefore, their diet must provide them with the nutrients needed to keep them healthy. The key features of Royal Canin Adult Fit include:

  • Ideal for adult cats from 1 to 7 years of age with access to the outdoors.
  • Specially designed doughnut-shaped kibble encourages chewing to help slow ingestion and has an adapted calorie content to help cats maintain the ideal weight.
  • Nutritionally balanced diet: Royal Canin Adult Fit is a balanced and complete feed that contains the necessary nutrients to perfectly meet the needs of adult cats and help maintain them in good health.
  • Ideal weight: Royal Canin Adult Fit is formulated to help provide the energy with a moderately active cat requires to be healthy and maintain its ideal weight.
  • Hairball reduction: A combination of specific fibres helps encourage the natural elimination of the hair your cat swallows every day.
  • Antioxidant complex: Helps support cellular health with a complex of antioxidants.
  • L.I.P. digestive science innovation: Highest quality proteins selected for their very high digestibility.
  • Available in 400g, 2kg, 4kg and 15kg bags.

Note: Delivery may be delayed up to 3-4 business days if a new batch is available to ensure your pet receives only the freshest and healthiest options.

Originally founded in France in 1967, today Royal Canin is one of the leading pet nutrition brands worldwide, and for a good reason. Royal Canin was the first to develop many of the specialised diets for different dogs and cats that exist today. Royal Canin makes the most precise and effective nutrition for cats and dogs based on breed, size, age, lifestyle, weight, gender, digestion, genetic makeup and other specific needs. To do this, they have accumulated vast knowledge about cats and dogs that only extensive observation and tireless dialogue with pet professionals, breeders, veterinarians and owners can provide. In order to create healthy nutrition that makes a difference for cats and dogs, Royal Canin maintains constant respect for their fundamental animal nature and unique nutritional needs.

Ingredients: Dehydrated poultry protein. Rice. Animal fats. Maize. Maize gluten. Vegetable fibres. Hydrolysed animal proteins. Vegetable protein isolate*. Wheat. beet pulp. Yeasts. Minerals. Soya oil. Fish oil. Hydrolysed yeast (source of manno-oligo-saccharides). Marigold extract (source of lutein). ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 14500 IU. Vitamin D3: 800 IU. E1 (Iron): 35 mg. E2 (Iodine): 3.5 mg. E4 (Copper): 11 mg. E5 (Manganese): 45 mg. E6 (Zinc): 136 mg. E8 (Selenium): 0.09 mg. Preservatives - Antioxidants. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein: 32%. Fat content: 15%. Crude ash: 6.8%. Crude fibre 4%. * L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high assimilation Want to see what the cat bowls of tomorrow look like? Check out our latest cat feeding tech products here!