Sera Betta Aquatan 50ml

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Sera Betta Aquatan 50ml is a water conditioner suitable for tanks and aquariums with betta fish and other labyrinth fish. This effective solution is non-toxic and safe for use around fish and plants and helps to improve the quality of tap water in your fish tank to provide Siamese Fighter fish and other species with an optimal living environment. The key features of the Sera Betta Aquatan 50ml are:
  • Highly effective water treatment conditions tap water in your fish tank.
  • Improves quality of water to meet the requirements of betta fish and other species of labyrinth fish.
  • pH neutral formula won’t affect acid and alkali levels in your aquarium.
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines pollution.
  • Prevents toxicity from ammonia and ammonium.
  • Binds heavy metal deposits from copper, zinc, and lead to provide clear and clean water.
  • Helps eliminate ichthyophthirius multifiliis bacteria to prevent white spot disease.
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