Sera O-Nip Tropical Treat 24 Tablets

Sera O-Nip Tropical Treat 24 Tablets

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Sera O-Nip Tropical Treat 24 Tablets is a pack of treats suitable for ornamental fish, catfish, and loaches. These tasty tablets are designed to appeal to all species of fish and can be stuck to the glass of your aquarium to help attract attention to specific areas and allow you to observe a close-up view of your pet fish enjoying treat time! The key features of Sera O-Nip Tropical Treat 24 Tablets are:

  • Treat supplement suitable for all species of ornamental fish as well as catfish and loaches.
  • Constructed from 50% compressed flakes and 50% freeze-dried food.
  • Ingredients include krill, bloodworms, and tubifex.
  • Tablets can stick to tank glass when wet.
  • Provides a fun activity for fish and helps to alleviate boredom.
  • Highly digestible and appetising to appeal to all fish.
  • Allows you to get a close-up view of fish while eating near the glass of your aquarium.
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater species.
  • Pack of 24 tablets.

Sera has been manufacturing innovative high-quality products for aquariums, ponds and terrariums for over 45 years, and is one of the most important manufacturers in these ranges worldwide. Quality, research and competence made Sera a specialist in the aquarium, terrarium and pond care ranges.

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