Sera Phosphate Test Kit PO4

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Sera Phosphate Test Kit PO4 is a handy testing kit to help you monitor the levels of phosphate in your aquarium. This easy-to-use pack includes 2 x 15ml bottles of testing solution providing up to 60 individual tests and helps you to determine the presence of harmful phosphate levels to prevent growth rates in unwanted algae and maintain a healthy, non-toxic environment in your fish tank. The key features of the Sera Phosphate Test Kit PO4 are:
  • Reliable testing kit includes 2 bottles of formula offering up to 60 testing sessions.
  • Perfect for keeping track of phosphates within your tank to reduce algae development and ensure fish enjoy nutrient-rich, pollutant-free water.
  • Tests for the presence of phosphate ions in fresh and marine water aquariums.
  • Easy-to-use testing method complete with instructions for reference.
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