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Size: 180g

Sera Pond Flakes are a staple dietary food suitable for smaller species of pond fish. These tasty, delicate flakes are manufactured to provide essential nutrients for small fish including goldfish and juvenile pond fish and contain a carefully balanced composition of ingredients to support healthy growth and development and a strong immune system. The key features of Sera Pond Flakes are:
  • Complete diet food suitable for smaller pond fish of all species.
  • Suitable for smaller pond fish including goldfish and juvenile fish.
  • Can be used in both aquariums and ponds.
  • Floating flakes allow pond fish to eat the food without the risk of dissolving.
  • Long-lasting construction ensures flakes don’t crumble or break apart.
  • Easily digestible and accepted by pond fish.
  • Balanced composition contains minerals, vitamins, omega fatty acids, and trace elements to support healthy development and growth.
  • Won’t cloud or pollute tank water.
  • Helps to improve immune system, disease resistance, and increase liveliness.
Sera Pond Flakes are available in 180g, 600g, and 10L. Sera has been manufacturing innovative high-quality products for aquariums, ponds and terrariums for over 45 years, and is one of the most important manufacturers in these ranges worldwide. Quality, research and competence made Sera a specialist in the aquarium, terrarium and pond care ranges. Looking for something to keep your water clean and healthy? Check out our wide range of Water Conditioners here!

Customer Reviews

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All good

Great service

Great customer service my order arrived very quickly

Chris B.

Great job Sera no colouring. Looks bit bland to human eye but my goldfish are snatching and gobbling it just the same. Good value, great to expand the big mix royal out too. Low residual is great with goldfish!
Sera are good products.

Robyn G.
Sera Pond Flakes

Good value and arrives in a timely manner and the fish love it

Sera Pond Flakes

quick delivery and fish love it