Sera Vipan Nature Large Flakes

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Size: 210g

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Sera Vipan Nature Large Flakes are a complete diet food suitable for all species of ornamental top-dwelling fish. These floating flakes are manufactured to provide the staple dietary requirements for all tropical surface feeders and contain a balanced amount of prebiotic ingredients to support healthy growth and development and aid digestion. The key features of Nature Large Flakes are:

  • Complete food diet suitable for all freshwater tropical fish who eat at the surface of the tank.
  • Perfect for community tanks.
  • The balanced composition includes Gammarus, spirulina algae, and spinach to aid colouration.
  • Rich in prebiotic protein, minerals, and vitamins to support healthy development and growth.
  • Floating flakes won’t cloud or pollute tank water.
  • Long-lasting construction ensures flakes don’t crumble or break apart.
  • Supports general well-being and aids liveliness.
  • Helps to maintain healthy digestion with a high acceptance rate.
Vipan Nature Large Flakes is available in 22g and 60g. Sera has been manufacturing innovative high-quality products for aquariums, ponds, and terrariums for over 45 years, and is one of the most important manufacturers in these ranges worldwide. Quality, research, and competence made Sera a specialist in the aquarium, terrarium, and pond care ranges. Looking for something to keep your water clean and healthy? Check out our wide range of Water Conditioners here!

Customer Reviews

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Voula ..M.
Value for money product

A great fish food flake at a great price . Large size too


previously these guys had good prices and delivered fast, this time it has been 18 calendar days since the order was placed and I still havn't received the item. no one has contacted me until I contacted them. management has been nice about it though, apologised for the delay, explained the COVID related reasons, and offered a future discount. I needed to buy something else as I ran out of fish flakes and I am still waiting..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bronwen C.
Quick resonse to that almost empty fishfood container!

Fast delievery and as always good fresh condition