Tikr Snack Activity Toy

Designer: Foobler

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The Tikr is a rewarding activity toy for dogs that releases treats by a built-in analogue timer with no electronics or batteries! Unlike anything you've ever seen before, the Tikr offers a tail waggin' new experience both you and your dog will have a blast with. This new toy will excite, surprise, and engage your dog's mind and body, all while helping to reduce anxiety issues! Tikr's magic comes from the built-in timer, and strategically sized holes. Load it with difference sized snacks, then set the timer. As the timer unwinds, the holes will slowly line up allowing snacks to casually fall out according to size. Snacks that remain inside will keep dogs mesmerized as they play for upwards of 45 minutes! They'll be continually rewarded along the way, with the largest snacks being saved for the very end. Careful consideration was given into the design and engineering of this toy. It has been developed with a specially formulated food-safe rubber-like blend, that's flexible, very durable, and easy on your dogs teeth and gums. In addition to the Tikr's tough materials, its egg-like shape limits chewing forces. However, it was designed for interactive and supervised play - not recommended for overly aggressive chewers, and is suggested for small-medium sized dogs up to 22kg. It is recommended you monitor your dog closely during the first few play sessions to judge your dog's behaviour and make any corrections as necessary. The Tikr is about 3.25 inches wide and 4.625 inches tall and holds approximately 1 cup of snacks or food. It is made from a pet safe rubbery material designed to be more durable and less noisy than other plastic based dog toys. Looking for some treats to try out with your new Tikr? Your dog will love our range of gourmet dog treats!