Trouble and Trix Litter Anti Bacterial Crystal

Designer: Trouble & Trix

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Size: 7L

Trouble and Trix Litter Anti Bacterial Crystal is the ultimate triple-action clumping litter formula designed to help neutralise unpleasant toilet smells for an odour-free home. Made from silica sand, this litter formula boasts the highest absorbency of all the Trouble and Trix litter range and makes cleaning your cat’s tray even easier thanks to the quick-acting clumping action which rapidly absorbs urine to form a flat, compact clump for reduced mess. Perfect for quick and easy clean-up, the litter is also scented with fragrant lavender to help keep your home smelling fresh, clean and free from everyday pet odours and contains anti-bacterial properties to help eliminate bacteria in your pet’s litter box. The key features of Trouble and Trix Litter Anti-Bacterial Crystal are:
  • Triple-action clumping litter helps to make clean-up easier and eliminates unpleasant smells.
  • Silica sand formulation helps to absorb more liquid than standard clay and wood litters ensuring a dry litter tray at all times.
  • Refreshing lavender fragrance for a freshly scented litter box and home.
  • Fast and efficient clumping action allows for easy scooping and removal to minimise litter wastage.
  • Contains natural anti-bacterial ingredients that kill 98.7% bacteria on contact.
  • Longer lasting than other standard litters.
  • 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients.
  • 7 or 15 litre bags.

Trouble and Trix Litter Anti-Bacterial Crystal is available in 7L and 15L bags. Trouble & Trix products are distributed by Masterpet, a company with over 50 years of experience. Created on the belief that life is just better with a pet, they strive to develop specific products for the specific needs of pet owners. Their products are always known for their quality and reliability.

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