Vitapet pH Test Kit Senior

Designer: Vitapet

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Vitapet pH Test Kit Senior is a professional testing kit designed to help measure and maintain the optimal pH balance required for freshwater aquariums. This complete pack includes a pH measuring kit to test for acid in water, allowing you to accurately monitor your tank’s alkali levels, and includes the necessary powders to help neutralise water to your preferred pH. The key features of the Vitapet pH Test Kit Senior are:
  • pH testing kit for measuring and maintaining acid and alkali levels in aquarium water.
  • Neutralising powders help provide the required pH level in your tank.
  • Supports aquatic life with habitable water environment essential to health and wellbeing.
  • Easy to use by simply dropping in your tank and allowing to dissolve.
  • For use in freshwater tanks only.
  • Suitable for tropical fish and goldfish tanks.
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