Whistler Healthy Bar Cockatiel Treat 100g

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If you're looking for some interesting healthy snack bars to feed your lovable birds as a special treat, then Whistler Healthy Bar Cockatiel Treat 100g is a great choice. It is made with flavourful ingredients that the Cockatiel breed loves to eat. You can hang this nutritious treat bar from one cage to another coop so your bird can take a bite whenever they feel hungry. You can make their mealtime more interesting and full of fun with the help of Whistler Healthy Bar Cockatiel Treat 100g. Apart from creating a more entertaining and enjoyable meal time, this bar can be used to provide a balanced diet to your lovely pet birds. The key features of Whistler Healthy Bar Cockatiel Treat 100g include:
  • High in carbohydrates.
  • Made of good-quality seeds.
  • Maintains muscles.
  • Helps in improving healthy skin, strong feathers, and beak.
  • Useful in building strong bones.
  • Provides complete nutrition.
  • Made in Australia with sundried fruits.
  • Comes in 100g size pack.
The Whistler Avian Science premium bird food range has been scientifically formulated for the needs of specific bird breeds; targeting the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a happy and healthy pet or wild bird. Ingredients: White French Millet. Currants. Panicum Millet. Canary Seed. Canola.Japanese Millet. Hulled Oats. Aviary Grit. Red Millet. Parsely and Honey. Looking for the easiest way to clean and sanitise your cage? Rufus And Coco Happy Hutch And Cage is a professionally formulated broad spectrum disinfectant spray that is quick, easy and safe to use!