Yours Droolly Detangling Spray 125ml

Designer: Yours Droolly

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Yours Droolly Detangling Spray 125ml is a light leave-in detangling spray specially formulated for everyday use on dogs of all ages. This mild spray helps to soften and detangle knotted and matted fur to help make combing and grooming easier and gently conditions and freshens your pet’s coat in-between washes with the exotic fragrance of coconut. The key features of Yours Droolly Detangling Spray 125ml are:
  • Light detangling and deodorising spray suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.
  • Leave-in spray requires no washing or shampooing after use.
  • Conditions fur to help you easily remove tangled and knots.
  • Contains essential oils for a glossy, shiny coat.
  • Gently fragrances your pet with a light, sweet coconut scent.
  • pH balanced with natural ingredients for healthy nourishment.
  • Kind to sensitive skin.
Yours Droolly products are distributed by Masterpet, a company with over 50 years of experience. Created on the belief that life is just better with a pet, they strive to develop specific products for the specific needs of pet owners. Their products are always known for their quality and reliability. Are you interested in the latest techy products for pets? Check out our latest dog tech products here! Want to add a bit of variety to your pet’s wardrobe? We have TippyTap Bow Tie pet collars available in blue stripe and red tartan and look very cute!