Yours Droolly Playmates Longshot 65cm

Designer: Yours Droolly

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The Yours Droolly Playmates Longshot 65cm is a handy ball-thrower to help you easily and comfortably toss your dog’s favourite tennis ball during outdoor games of fetch. This innovative device takes the pain out of throwing balls to your pet by doing most of the hard work for you and will launch the included ball a greater distance than a natural arm throw. This provides your pup with more exciting and thrilling games of fetch and a greater area for your pet to run around and exercise all the while eliminating uncomfortable arm and shoulder strain from constant picking up and throwing! The key features of the Yours Droolly Playmates Longshot 65cm are:
  • Useful ball-throwing toy helps you to effortlessly toss tennis balls over a greater distance.
  • Strong, durable and flexible construction for long-lasting use.
  • Long handle for easy pickup and tossing.
  • Holder securely catches ball until ready to release.
  • Helps you to throw tennis balls further than a regular arm throw with ease.
  • Great for providing your dog with plenty of physical exercise and for livening up everyday games of fetch.
  • Dimensions: 65cm long.
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