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Having trouble with a barking dog? These 2 different methods of teaching and training dogs have divided many dog owners on what is best. Positive reinforcement generally means rewarding your dog when he/she does the right thing to encourage that behaviour - for example, giving a treat when your dog obeys a command or goes to the toilet in the correct place. Negative reinforcement generally means punishing your dog when he/she does the wrong thing.

After researching the methods, and the impacts they can have on your dog, we at Pet Supplies Empire decided to support only positive reinforcement methods of training and have removed dog training accessories aimed at negative reinforcement from our range. This is why we no longer stock the anti-barking collars we once held. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience but suggest that, whatever behaviour you are trying to correct in your dog, you can do so without negative reinforcement. This will also help build a more positive relationship with your dog and reduce the risk of them acting out aggressively.