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Size: FB-070

Blue Planet Filter Box Aquarium Pack is a replacement filter cartridge suitable for use in the Blue Planet fish tank. This handy filter box contains media including wool, charcoal, and bio-balls to help remove harmful bacteria and maintain fresh and clear water and a habitable environment for your fish. The key features of the Blue Planet Filter Box are:
  • Replacement filter box including lid and cartridge media.
  • Media contains wool, activated charcoal, and bio-balls.
  • Activated charcoal removes nasty odour build-up and cloudiness from tank water.
  • Bio-balls for biological filtration and to help break down ammonia.
  • Reduces harmful build-up from food residue and pet waste.
  • Supports aquatic life with a bacteria-free environment.
  • Helps maintain a longer and higher quality of life for fish.

Size and models:

  • FB-070:
    Dimension: 57cm x 16cm x 10.5cm approx.
    Filter media: R-045.
    Suitable for 200L aquariums.

  • FB-055:
    Dimension: 35cm x 9cm x 8cm approx.
    Filter media: R-035.
    Suitable for 40L or 50L or 70L aquariums.

  • FB-020:
    Dimension: 22cm x 7cm x 5cm approx.
    Filter media: R-025.
    Suitable for 20L aquariums.

  • FB-060:
    Dimension: 42.5cm x 10.5cm x 9cm approx.
    Filter media: R-045.
    Suitable for new EG515/7/8HP LED versions.
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