Best Ways to Reduce Dog Hair Shedding We all hate it. We all find it very annoying. But we all seem to just accept it as an irritating fact of life without doing anything about it. There are in fact solutions out there which don’t require too much work. The first step is understanding the cause of the shedding. Most dogs shed hair to an extent but excessive shedding may be the result of stress, wrong diet, or a different medical problem or skin condition – all of which your vet should be able to conclude on fairly easily. Your vet may want you to test out different brands of food to see if that makes any difference. A healthy nutritious diet is the first step in improving the strength and quality of your dog’s coat which will help reduce shedding. Once you’ve ruled out the above and come to the realisation that your dog is just a serial shedder, here are some tips on quick wins you can get straight away:
  • Brush your dog with the brush best suited to your dog’s hair type! I know it’s boring and you were hoping for an easier fix but this really is the best solution. There are lots of brushes to choose from in the vast selection of grooming products for pets so take the time to read the descriptions of each and pick the one best for your dog’s hair type!
  • Bathe your dog! Easier for some dog owners than others depending on how much your dog loves bath time, a good wash with the right shampoo and conditioner will leave your dog with a healthier coat and less shedding.
  • Reduce scratching and itching: Make sure your dog isn’t becoming a breeding ground of fleas and other parasites by using the right flea treatments.
If these preventative measures aren’t cutting it and you’re just concerned about damage control and clean up, we do have one final tip for you – hair clean-up is much easier when it hasn’t worked its way into the fabric of your couch or car. Covering up with a simple towel on the couch or a special dog car seat cover for the back seat will save you a few headaches later on!


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