Aristopet Ear Canker Drops 50ml

Aristopet Ear Canker Drops 50ml

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Aristopet Ear Canker Drops 50ml is a gentle formula that can be used to treat ear canker and ear mites in both dogs and cats. This antiseptic solution will provide your pet with relief from infected, sore, and raw ears by helping to eliminate infestations of mites in the ear canal, reducing wax and inner ear buildup, soothing itching and inflammation, and reducing unpleasant odours as it gently moisturises with its non-stinging formula to help treat symptoms and prevent further and repeated infection. The key features of Aristopet Ear Canker Drops 50ml are:
  • 50ml dropper bottle with antiseptic ear canker solution.
  • Completely eliminates ear mite infestations that cause ear canker.
  • Extremely safe to use on your pet as directed.
  • Provides relief from itchy and inflamed skin and scabby tissue inside and outside the ear.
  • Dissolves waxy build-up within the ear canal to reduce smelly odours.
  • Treats infection and helps to prevent further risk of reinfection with regular use.

Aristopet is a trusted brand providing a range of veterinarian-approved health care products to keep your pet fit and healthy. They offer a selection of premium products for a variety of pets including dogs, cats and birds.

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