Blue Planet Net Sanitizer 125ml

Designer: Blue Planet

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Blue Planet Net Sanitizer 125ml is a water treatment that helps to prevent cross-contamination when transferring fish to and from aquariums. This sanitizer solution works effectively on nets, scrapers, and sponges to reduce the spread of disease by destroying bacteria on contact and can be used to help soften nets to prevent the risk of injury to fish during transfer. The key features of the Blue Planet Net Sanitizer 125ml are:

  • Cleaning solution to help prevent bacterial contamination and contraction when transferring fish between tanks.
  • Can be used on nets, sponges, magnets, and scrapers.
  • Destroys common organisms to prevent the spread of disease between aquariums.
  • Softens nets to help reduce the risk of harm and abrasion to fish.
  • Safe and non-toxic for use around fish as per directions.
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater tanks.
  • 125ml.
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