Blue Planet UView Replacement Tube 3W

Designer: Blue Planet

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Blue Planet UView Replacement Tube 3W is a replacement UV light fitting suitable for the Blue Planet UView Aquarium Purifier 3W. This brand-new lamp is fully contained for your safety within black casing to prevent exposure and can be fitted to replace old or broken UV bulbs in your tank purifier unit. The key features of the Blue Planet UView Replacement Tube 3W are:
  • Water purifier suitable for Blue Planet aquariums up to 80 litre capacity.
  • Helps to maintain crystal clear, bacteria-free tank water to support aquatic life with a healthy environment.
  • Powerful UV light kills bacteria, algae, yeast, mould, and other pathogens.
  • Includes mini LED light to alert you when the UV bulb needs to be changed.
  • Sponge filter helps to trap food residue and build-up.
  • UV bulb provides up to 6000 hours of usage.
  • UV light is fully contained within black casing for your safety.
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