Fidos Direa Antidiarroeal Tablets - 10pack

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Mavlab Fidos Direa Antidiarrhoeal Tablets is for use as an aid in the management of diarrhoea in dogs and cats. If your dog or cat has diarrhoea, these tablets can help. This pack of Fidos Direa Antidiarroeal Tablets includes 10 tablets. Direa Tablets can be used as an aid in the management of diarrhoea. It is not a motility modulator. It is a complexion agent that absorbs toxins but also absorbs water to form gel. Direa Tablets can be used alone, or in conjunction with antibiotics and fluid and electrolyte therapy. Re-hydration therapy should not be neglected. It is recommended you speak to your vet before use of any medications, including Fidos Direa Antidiarroeal Tablets. Veterinary advice should be sought for animals that exhibit signs of illness other than diarrhoea, including blood-stained faeces, or if diarrhoea persists after 3 days of treatment with this product. DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Dogs, cats: 1 tablet/10kg bodyweight twice daily for three to four days or until symptoms disappear. Ensure animal has adequate fluids. Looking for some treats to encourage and reward your pet for taking his or her medication? Check out our range of gourmet dog treats here and tasty cat treats here! Are you worried about toilet accidents inside your house during this time? Simple Solution Eco-Care Training Pads are available in 10 packs and will help!