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The amazing Foobler Puzzle Feeder is the most advanced and engaging dog toy that is making dogs Australia wide wag their tail. It keeps your dog playing an interactive and learning game for up to 9 hours, dispensing food throughout the day.
  • Doggy Fun: Dogs are just like us humans who love to play and be entertained.
  • Reducing Undesirable Behaviour: Reduce boredom and the chance of your garden furniture or garden hose being chewed or gardens dug up.
  • Healthy treats: The Foobler Puzzle Feeder lets you set the timer for when the dry dog food is released. Your Doggy will be treated to healthy treats through-out the day.
  • Brain Development: Our 4 legged friends are just like us. The more we play, entertain and engage in activities, the more alert we stay.
  • Maintains your dog’s true nature: To hunt and forage.
  • BFA free plastic & 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Approx diameter: 14cm.
  1. Twist off the feeding lid, and pour in your dog’s favourite kibble (or treats). It can accept kibbles up to 12mm in diameter, all part of the daily food intake.
  2. To set the time intervals, flip it over, remove the power pod, and select from 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes on the switch.
  3. The bell will ring and the Foobler will be ready to go to start dispensing food.
  4. Twist the power pod back in and push the power button. You’ll see it light up and know that the Foobler is on and working! That’s it!
Have a nice day at work or a quick jaunt to the gym and know that everything is going according to plan for your pooch. Looking for some treats to try out with your new Foobler? Your dog will love our range of gourmet dog treats! Also check out the next generation Bluetooth Foobler. It gives you greater control and more features!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lid gets stuck

The toy looks amazing but the lid is terrible. It keeps getting stuck and then I need a variety of tools to try and get it open. I’ve given up.

Greg H.
great idea but poor design

This is my second purchase of the floober. The ideal is great but build quality is poor both screw-down lids fixing screw broke on the first or second use. Then my dog has been able to open both the food compartment (because the screw had broken) and the battery compartment, chewing up both. The risk is that if he gets the battery compartment open he may eat the battery.

Floober ball

Looks the goods, can’t open the ball to insert food even after reading the instructions.
Have passed the ball on to others who also can’t open the ball with instructions, perhaps it’s faulty??

Stephanie L.
Lid stuck

The lid is jammed on the side that you put the food into - a friend managed with a hammer to gently tap until it became free but you cannot put it into lock position or it is jammed again. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't the dogs have no way of knowing if the treats are done. They hear the rattling of the treats in the other compartments and without a signal that the current compartment treats are gone they get frustrated and do not trust the toy and ignore it eventually when the bell goes off.

shi q.z.
good my dog like it

funny toy