Kazoo Roll A Ball

Designer: Kazoo

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Size: Small

Sometimes pet owners want to make games more challenging and difficult for their dogs. These games stimulate the mind and body, helping pets develop further. The Kazoo Roll a Ball is the perfect toy for owners looking for a challenge. Here’s a look at some of its most interesting characteristics:
  • The ball is smooth and rolls away easily, so it can’t be caught or picked up. Your dog has to chase it around like a hunter chasing a prey.
  • Pets can play with their owners or spend hours chasing the ball alone.
  • This toy is waterproof so you can play with it on the beach or in a swimming pool.
  • Kazoo Roll a Ball is made from a hard plastic material that doesn’t get damaged easily.
  • The ball rolls quickly and is very unpredictable, which means your pet will see it has a thrilling challenge.
The Kazoo Roll a Ball is available in the following sizes:
  • Small – 10 cm.
  • Medium – 15 cm.
  • Large – 20.5cm.
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