Kazoo Spiral Twist

Designer: Kazoo

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Kazoo Spiral Twists are a pack of 8 tasty spiral chews that will satisfy even the fussiest of dogs! These all-natural flavoured rawhide treats are the perfect reward for your canine companion and are designed to satisfy your dog’s natural cravings to chew and provide the added benefit of removing plaque and tartar buildup to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. The key features of Kazoo Spiral Twists are:
  • 100% natural rawhide snacks for dogs.
  • Pack of 8 spiral sticks.
  • Delicious meaty flavour to tempt your dog to chew.
  • Satisfies chewing urges and helps to relieve boredom.
  • Cleans teeth by breaking down calculus and bacterial deposits on teeth.
  • Gently massages gums to relieve tension.
  • Healthy and natural alternative to other doggy treats.
  • Low in fat and free from wheat and gluten.
  • Size: 120g.

Ingredients: Fine Ground Rice. Fine Ground Corn. Vegetable Glycerine. Brewer’s Yeast. Calcium Carbonate. Vegetable Oil. Plant Cellulose. Flavours. Preservatives. An Australian family-run operation from the beginning, Kazoo is now one of the biggest names in pet supplies including accessories for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and even reptiles. Kazoo believes in creating pet products that will excite, entice and add value to pets and pet owners everywhere.

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