Kazoo Tuff Woogie

Designer: Kazoo

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Size: Small

Many toys are designed with the pet’s overall health and well-being in mind. This means they don’t just provide mental or physical stimulus, but also have several other advantages. Kazoo Tuff Woogie is one such multipurpose toy and it is very popular with pet owners. Here’s a look at some of its attractive features:
  • The toy has special wear channels and studs that gently massage a dog’s teeth. This removes lingering tartar and calculus, improving their dental health.
  • There’s an inner treat chamber so you can reward pets for playing with this toy.
  • Kazoo Tuff Woogie is made from a resilient rubber material that can handle dogs with a powerful bite.
  • This toy is designed to be safe for pets of all ages so you can use it for obedience training as well.
The Kazoo Tuff Woggie is available in the following sizes:
  • Small – 7.2 cm in height.
  • Medium – 8.7 cm in height.
  • Large – 11 cm in height.
  • Ex-Large – 13 cm in height.

It won’t blend into the grass so you can take it to public parks without worrying about losing it! An Australian family-run operation from the beginning, Kazoo is now one of the biggest names in pet supplies including accessories for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and even reptiles. Kazoo believes in creating pet products that will excite, entice and add value to pets and pet owners everywhere.

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