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The KONG Easy Treat Puppy Paste is a delicious and tempting treat that can be added to any Kong stuffed toy for extra exciting playtime or to help train your new pup. This highly digestible paste is safe to give to your dog and is specially formulated to meet the health needs of puppies. It can be easily dispensed thanks to a carefully designed nozzle that controls the amount of paste for fuss-free and mess-free treat times. KONG Easy Treat Puppy Paste can also be used as a tasty filling inside Kong rubber toys to help extend playtime and satisfy your puppy with a yummy reward. The key features of the KONG Easy Treat Puppy Paste are:
  • Healthy, trans-fat-free treat that your puppy will love.
  • Special formula to provide a healthy and tempting treat for young pups.
  • Can be used to fill Kong rubber toys to provide a tasty surprise.
  • Ideal for use as a reward during training.
  • 226g spray can.
  • Irresistible chicken liver flavour.
  • The unique nozzle that helps to limit serving amount for easy dispensing.
  • Helps to keep your puppy occupied and playing with their toys for longer.

Ingredients: Milk. Water. Soybean Oil. Whey. Sodium Phosphate. Whey Protein Concentrate. Salt. Carrageenan. Sodium Citrate. Milk Protein Concentrate. Dried Chicken Liver. Natural Chicken Flavour. Pectin. Glucono-delta-lactone. Sorbic Acid (Preservative). Lactic Acid. Natural Flavour. Kaolin. Dried Lactobacillus Lactis Fermentation Product. and Rennet.

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda G.
Awesome Stuff

Our dog absolutely loves the Kong paste. Put in her Kongs adds an extra taste to her favourite treats.

Priscilla W.
Toy reward time

My two year old dog just adores this Kong filler, it’s a reward for good behaviour and a reward for bringing the Kong to me when I ask

KONG Easy Treat Puppy Paste

Puppies not interested in this unfortunately

KONG Easy Treat Puppy Paste

Our puppy loves it