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The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone With Rope Xsmall is the perfect combination of a fun and exciting bone and rope toy that is perfect for puppies. This fetch-and-tug toy is ideal to provide your young pup with a safer option for raw bones. It is made from soft but durable rubber that can withstand chewing and biting but is gentle against your pet’s growing teeth and gums. The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone With Rope Xsmall includes a strong rope that can be used for games of tug and can be filled with tempting treats to entice your puppy to interact. The key features of the KONG Puppy Goodie Bone With Rope Xsmall are:
  • Combination rope and bone toy perfect for games of fetch and tug.
  • Made from durable rubber to withstand teeth and claws.
  • Gentle on teeth and gums.
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 8.3 x 1.8cm.
  • Perfect for puppies up to 9 months.
  • Bone can be easily filled with your pet’s favourite treat to encourage them to play.
  • Perfect for promoting daily exercise and keeping your dog healthy and fit.
  • Assorted colours.

 Note: The colour of your toy will be chosen at random at the time of packing your order, dependent on the available stock in the warehouse. At this stage, we are unable to accommodate colour preferences.

Can be used in games of fetch to promote daily exercise and keep your pet healthy and fitKONG was founded by Joe Markham. Joe loved his trained police dog, Fritz, but did not love his destructive chewing habits. Where other dogs might have chewed your shoes or favourite purse, Fritz loved to crunch on rocks, sticks and other harmful items. Fritz’s teeth were wearing down and his need for stimulation and play was not being met. Joe was frustrated and began the KONG journey. Today, KONG is perhaps the most loved brand for both dog and cat toys. Pets and their owners choose KONG toys because they’re fun. KONG toys are the best of the best in quality, originality, variety, safety, and value. Give a pet a KONG. They’ll be the first to show you: it’s not just a toy, it’s a KONG!

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Customer Reviews

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Chew Toy

My 4 month old Labrador puppy separated the rope from the bone within minutes. Purchased more as a chew toy, rather than a tug of war toy. Tied more knots in the rope, puppy likes it better. Easier to grab, bite, chew. Rubbery bone withstanding puppy chewing so far.