Kong Zoomgroom Boysenberry

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Kong Zoomgroom is the best grooming, thinning and shampooing brush available for your dog. Its special design removes loose hair while massaging the skin and stimulating the capillaries. The results: less hair, healthier skin and a shinier coat than ever! The Kong Zoom Groom removes loose hair and stimulates natural oil production. This leaves your dog with a softer healthier coat! The Kong Zoom groom is approximately 12cm long and can be used wet or dry. The key features of the Kong Zoomgroom Boysenberry are:

    • Made in the USA.
    • Patented brush comfortably massages dog during grooming.
    • Makes cleaning and shampooing more effective with wide rubber fingers.
    • Removes loose hair and stimulates capillaries for natural oil production. 
    • Assorted colour.

     Want to bring out the shine in your dog’s coat? Squirt Spray and Shine is an instant shine product for all dogs and will add shine to even the dullest of coats!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Great! Love it!

    Dinah L.
    Great little brush

    Very pleased with the zoom groom. So effective with moulting corgis. Gets all those long hairs off. Had been recommended by a lovely corgi owning friend.

    Kerry F.
    Really is the BEST.

    I've used many dog brushes over the years. This one outshines them all. I couldn't believe how much fur I got off my dogs.

    Both my dogs love the feeling of this brush too. It makes it more of a relaxing bonding time, rather than a chore.

    I highly recommend it.

    Kym I.

    The Kong Zoomgroom Boysenberry works very well at removing excess hair on my Fox Terrier - Smooth coat and we have tried many other tools to remove the excess fur with not a-lot of success until using the Kong Zoomgroom Boysenberry.
    We bought Kong Zoomgroom Raspberry for dry brushing and the Kong Zoomgroom Boysenberry at bath time so it helps lather my dogs hair but also remove the excess hair.