Petlife Professional Bristle & Pin Brush Duo

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Petlife Professional Bristle & Pin Brush Duo is an essential tool in your pet’s everyday grooming kit. You can manage the healthy and shiny coat of your pet by taking good care of it. It is also necessary to maintain hygiene and regular grooming regime for your pet. Petlife Professional Bristle & Pin Brush Duo assists you in detangling and removing dead hairs from the top coat of your pet's fur at the time of brushing their double coated skin. Its comfortable grip and attractive handle help in making the experience a pleasant one for you too! The key features of Petlife Professional Bristle & Pin Brush Duo include:
  • Removes dead hairs.
  • Two-sided pin brush with soft nylon bristles.
  • Useful in everyday brushing and grooming of your dog.
  • Stimulates natural oils by removing dead hairs.
  • A perfect brushing tool for double coated skin pets.
  • Detangles hair with ease.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Perfect and attractive handle to give finishing touch.
  • Restores shiny coat by removing debris.
  • Petlife Professional Bristle & Pin Brush Duo is available in 2 sizes: small and large.
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