Rogz Gumz Ball Pink

Designer: Rogz

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Size: Small

Colour: Pink

Dogs are active creatures and they love to interact with people. They want to be petted, go out on walks, and play games with their owners. That’s one of the reasons why dog owners are encouraged to buy certain toys to interact with their pets. Playing provides mental stimulation and helps keep dogs in a good mood. One of the best toys available in the market today is Rogz Gumz Ball Pink. The key features of the Rogz Gumz Ball Pink include:
  • It is a bounce-and-fetch toy so it is soft enough to not cause any damage to your pet’s teeth. But it is also strong enough to withstand a dog’s bite.
  • Also functions as a chew toy so it will help strengthen the dog’s teeth and gums.
  • The toy has a bone-shaped hole in the centre where you can place treats to keep your pet engaged for hours on end.
  • Made from a durable, non-toxic material so you don’t have to worry about the pet’s health. Though, like all dog chew toys, we still recommend that dog owners keep an eye on the toy during play time.
The Rogz Gumz Ball Pink is also available in Red, Blue, Orange and Lime. The Rogz Gumz Ball Pink is available in the following sizes:
  • S: 49 mm and suitable for smaller dog breeds.
  • M: 64 mm and suitable for medium sized dog breeds.
  • L: 78 mm and suitable for larger sized dog breeds.
Rogz is a South African company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of pet accessories. Their specialities include collars, leads, harnesses, toys, beds, id tags and bowls. Rogz strives to stay ahead of the pack and is one of the world’s most enjoyed and respected pet brands! Do you need treats to stuff into your dog’s new favourite toy? Check out our range of Gourmet Dog Treats here!