Sera Air 110 Plus Air Filter

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Sera Air 110 Plus Air Filter is a reliable and efficient air pump suitable for use in smaller sized aquariums. This efficient and reliable pump can be easily fitted inside your tank and offers rubber feet to help absorb vibration and reduce noise and an adjustable flow rate to help supply pet fish and reptiles with an oxygen-rich environment. The key features of the Sera Air 110 Plus Air Filter are:
  • Powerful air filter pump ideal for small sized fish tanks.
  • Helps to oxygenate the water in your aquarium and aid breathability for fish and reptiles.
  • Adjustable air flow allows you to set flow rate according to species.
  • Security check valve to prevent backflow.
  • Rubber feet help to reduce motor vibration noise providing an extremely quiet pump.
  • Easy to take apart for thorough internal cleaning.
  • Low 3-watt power consumption.
  • Single pump with outlet.
  • Flow rate: 110L/per hour
  • Suitable for freshwater, tropical, and saltwater fish.
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